• Eliminate Costly Site Surveys
  • Zero Guest Disruption
  • Hook and Snap Mounting – Install During Room Service
  • Eliminate Upgrade Fatigue

One AP Per Guest Room For the “At Home” Experience

Having one AP 7612 in each guest room radically improves signal levels and power. Now, every smartphone, wearable device, and laptop a guest brings can be supported with superior connectivity and lightning speeds. Plus, guests can enjoy the latest and coolest technology, such as ultra high- definition streaming voice and video, gaming, BYON, and IPTV. All this goes far to set your business apart from the rest.

Rapid Installation

Imagine a deployment with no disruption to guests, residents, or revenue. The AP 7612’s proven, hook-and-snap mounting system makes it possible to install in less than five minutes. When housekeeping is finished with the room, so too is the installation. With its tapered wedge shaped form factor and unobtrusive aesthetics, the AP 7612 can be placed over any inwall telecommunications junction box or on a at surface without interfering with the room décor.

Easy Management

With a modern, WiNG distributed operating system, the AP 7612 offers four deployment modes to meet any requirement. Deploy it as a stand-alone AP with no controller, as a virtual controller with up to 25 other AP 7612 access points, or with any of the WiNG Site or NOC controllers to manage up to 25,000 access points from a central network operations center.