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  • ExtremeWireless WiNG Azara Cloud

ExtremeWireless WiNG Azara Cloud

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Azara extends the ExtremeWireless WiNG 5 architecture to combine the proven functionality of Extreme Networks’ enterprise-grade WLAN with the simplicity and flexibility of managing WLAN infrastructure from the cloud. Along with a true enterprise-class network that is scalable and reliable.

The freedom of Azara is possible because of the ExtremeWireless WiNG enterprise-class access points (APs) with built-in intelligence. These APs deliver the highest quality, availability, and performance — on the cloud or on-premises. Azara takes access to a new level.

Azara includes a powerful set of network management tools that allow administrators to access network controls from anywhere –all they need is a connection to the internet. Configure, monitor, and manage multiple site networks from the unified Dashboard. Azara supports ExtremeWireless WiNG enterprise-grade 802.11ac access points through a centrally managed SSL secure tunnel over the internet.

High Availability and Redundancy
Azara’s cloud infrastructure is built on a public cloud infrastructure and supports major regions across the globe:

  • Azara Cloud services are provided from the nearest available region; varies per geographical location of your sites and data residency requirements
  • Redundant services are deployed across multiple data centers to achieve high availability within each region
  • Service is backed by 99.99% cloud platform and application uptime

Unlimited Scalability
Azara is built to scale and be elastic:

  • Built-in architecture controls allow for scaling resources and spawning additional instances to meet demand
  • Our DevOps team continuously monitors the performance and traffic patterns of the
    infrastructure and can scale resources to meet any predictable or unpredictable spikes

Increased Security
Protected by perimeter firewall and IPS that prevents unauthorized access to any resource in the infrastructure, systems and applications are continuously monitored for any perceived or actual security breaches and configured to alert the Security and DevOps team:

  • QoS policies can leverage the application context to enforce policies, prioritizing business critical applications and blocking others based on IT policies to improve the overall performance of the wireless network
  • Updates to the cloud infrastructure are subject to stringent vulnerability scans
  • Periodic penetration tests are performed regularly on the infrastructure
  • No user data traffic passes through the cloud; there are secure tunnels between the end points and cloud infrastructure, and Azara is hosted in PCI and HIPPA compliant data centers
  • Azara Dashboard supports two-factor authentication, fine-grained control, and access
    restrictions based on IP addresses and other attributes – preventing unauthorized users from
    accessing the account

Real-Time Visbility and Troubleshooting

  • Utilize powerful monitoring and troubleshooting tools for the entire
    network in a single pane of glass – available in the Cloud Dashboard
  • Provide real-time monitoring dashboards for insight and visibility into
    devices, clients, and applications on the network
  • Create custom dashboard views of the analytics based on user
    organization roles such as help desk, network administrator, and CIO

Application Visibility, Control, and Optimization

  • Every Azara access point supported on the cloud includes an embedded
    Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine, which can detect thousands of
    applications real-time
  • Azara Dashboard provides real-time visibility and in-depth insight into every
    dimension of the network, including Layer 7 application visibility and client
    devices as well as OS types and users
  • At a glance, the administrator can discern the top applications by usage or
    by count at every level of the network – from site level to access points and
  • In addition to detection, firewall, and QoS, application analytics can be
    leveraged to enforce policies; prioritize business-critical applications
    and block others based on IT policy to improve overall wireless network

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • With the Azara Dashboard, an administrator can monitor critical parameters
    of the entire network in real-time, visualize trouble spots, and drill down to
    examine additional RF statistics
  • Complete visualization allows admins to pinpoint an issue and proactively
    react to resolve a problem before it has a major impact on network operation
  • Azara Cloud Dashboard is packed with extensive tools like packet capture and
    wireless debug to further analyze and remediate problems
  • Azara’s custom dashboard interface allows the network administrators to
    create dashboards on the fly to monitor in real time and share all critical
    parameters of an access point or client under suspicion

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