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  • Extreme NSight

Extreme NSight

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Advanced Network Visibility, Service Assurance, and Analytics Platform

The wireless LAN has become a crucial key to business success, providing the real time data that streamlines everyday business processes, improves customer service, and reduces the opportunity for errors that can result in reduced profitability, lost sales, and lost customers. In order to achieve the level of reliability you require, you need to understand the state of health of your network at all times. You need the right information to troubleshoot and resolve issues. And you need information to properly budget and plan for network expansion as needed to maintain peak wireless performance as you add users and applications. The Extreme NSight platform delivers it all. NSight provides the real-time insight into your WLAN operations you need to protect this vital business artery and the business critical data it carries, every day of the year. This flexible management software allows you to access the wealth of information collected by the ExtremeWireless WiNG operating system and view it in an easy-to-use browser interface, either in real time or over a time period of your choosing for easy trend analysis. Get more value out of your WLAN management data with the Extreme NSight platform, only from Extreme Networks.

Visualizing network statistics and events — simplified and unified network views based on user’s role

Live Dashboards
Custom live updating dashboards for every role

WLAN Wellness
Wellness of WLAN services, based on identified SLA baseline levels

Automation of proactive and reactive network problem remediation

Live troubleshooting tools — packet capture, wireless debug logs, TCP/IP ping and traceroute

Immediate Remediation
Identify persistent fault in the network using configurable Alarm thresholds for immediate remediation

Interactive Mapping
Interactive floor maps with timeline view to visualize and identify issues and problems areas

Real-Time Historic Analysis
Real-time and historic trend analysis to simplify network growth planning

Intuitive and Responsive Interfaces
Exceptionally responsive interface — virtually any information is just a few clicks away

Cloud Powered
Powered by cloud technologies — built-to-scale

Service Desk
Faster resolution for service desk responses

Minimize escalations to network engineers

Ease of Use
Easy to use interface — practically no training required

Remote Diagnostics
Improves efficiency for network engineers and reduces site visits through remote diagnostic tools

Improve network security through rogue monitoring and PCI reporting

Planning and Forecasting
Improve planning to meet performance and capacity requirements through historical trends and reports

Custom Dashboards Provide the Right Set of In Your Organization
Different roles in the organization need different types of information about the WLAN. Now, you can create a custom dashboard to put that information at their fingertips, anywhere and anytime. You can give help desk teams access to operational analytics to assist in day-to-day network troubleshooting and issue resolution. You can provide a CIO with a real-time window into trending data for a three month period to assist in WLAN planning and budgeting. And no matter how complex the information may be, the Extreme NSight platform visualizations make it easy to read and easy to digest.

Flexible Reports
With our pre-defined system reports, you can view crucial WLAN information as soon as you install the software. You can customize these reports to suit the needs of various users. What data is presented, when the report should be run — such as every Monday, monthly, or on demand — and how to deliver the report. Pre-defined reports include RF Health, which helps instantly identify areas of your WLAN that may be underperforming and may require tuning; PCI, which creates a complete audit of conformance to PCI requirements; Device Type/Firmware; Device Summary; Client Inventory; and Network Usage.

Application Visibility
The Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine embedded in our WiNG OS examines every flow of every user at the access point, detecting and identifying thousands of applications in real time and reporting the information to the Extreme NSight platform. The result is real-time visibility and in-depth insight into every dimension of the network, including Layer-7 application visibility, client devices, device and OS type, and users. At a glance, you can see the top applications by usage or by count at every level — from site to access points and client devices. In addition, your firewall and QoS policies can leverage the application context to enforce policies. With this intelligence, you can improve the overall performance of the WLAN network and protect workforce productivity by prioritizing business critical applications and blocking others based on the IT policy.

Powerful Interactive Maps for Easy Network Visualization and Management
You can see all your sites in Google Maps, with quick links to snapshots of key metrics. With another click, you can view a site floor map to see all the access points in a specific location, and drill down to view the details of a specific access point. For
example, you can select the Channel from the RF attributes to instantly see if channels are optimally distributed and if there are any interference issues.

Reporting and Troubleshooting
The Extreme NSight platform’s unique interactive graphical interface makes it easier than ever to access the exact data needed for faster troubleshooting and issue resolution. The comprehensive feature set allows you to easily access and view all the layers of needed information in a single pane of glass. You no longer need to log in and out of individual access points. Instead, you can create a custom dashboard on the fly to collect and view the metrics you want from access points and their client devices, over any period of time — all with just a few clicks. While viewing the access point or client details page, you can launch the Extreme NSight platform’s event log browser and apply filters to see the recent events related to a specific access point or client device. The result? The ability to drill down to the specific detailed information you need to address network issues and restore performance levels in record time.

Supported Appliance Platforms
Extreme NSight is supported on the NX 95XX, NX96XX and VX 9000 platforms in both standalone server and integrated
WiNG+NSight modes
Controller Platform Number of Access Points (Max 1,000 RF Domains) Stats Update Interval AVC Update Interval Wireless Client Update Interval
NX 95X0 / NX96XX 2,500 1 min 5 min 5 min
NX 95X0 / NX96XX 5,000 2 Min 5 min 5 min
NX 95X0 / NX96XX 10,000 5 Min 5 min 5 min
Scaling NSight on Virtualized VX 9000 Platform
# of APs on RF Domains 100 500/100 1000/200 2000/500 5000/1000 10000/500
CPU 8 core @2.5 GHz 12 core @2.5 GHz 18 core @2.7 GHz 2 24 core @2.7 GHz 24 core @2.7 GHz 24 core @2.7 GHz
Memory (DDR3-L or DDR4) 16 GB 32 GB 40 GB 64 GB 96 GB 128 GB
Storage/Config 500 GB RAID1+0 500 GB RAID1+0 500 GB RAID1+0 500 GB RAID1+0 2 TB RAID1+0 4 x
500 GB SSD (SLC)
5 TB RAID1+0 8 x
500 GB SSD (SLC)
IOPS 2,000 sustained
2,000 sustained
3,000 sustained
4,000 sustained
4,000 sustained
4,000 sustained
NSight Standalone
Capacity (APs/RF Domains/Clients) 10,000/1,000/
Memory (DDR3-L or DDR4) 128 GB 128 GB 128 GB 128 GB 256 GB 256 GB
Storage/Config 500 GB RAID1+0 1 TB RAID1+0 2 TB RAID1+0 4x
2 TB RAID1+0 8x
2 TB RAID1+0 8x
2 TB RAID1+0 8x
5 TB RAID1+0 8 x
500 GB SSD (SLC)
IOPS 3,000 sustained
4,000 sustained
4,000 sustained
4,000 sustained
4,000 sustained
8,000 sustained

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