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  • Extreme AirDefense

Extreme AirDefense

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Holistic Network Services Management for WLAN

Wireless connectivity provides unique opportunities to communicate in new and powerful ways, but it also brings its own set of vulnerabilities, complexities and management challenges. To get the best out of your wireless network without risking its worst, you need the right set of tools.

The Extreme AirDefense Services Platform (ADSP) simplifies the management, monitoring and protection of your WLAN networks. The platform supports three key functions – security and compliance, network assurance, and proximity awareness and analytics – within a modular architecture to maximize deployment flexibility and minimize the cost of implementation.

The ADSP combines the information collected from your network of sensors or access points with the analytical power of an intelligent central console – on your premises – to provide 24/7 network monitoring, automate security, and enable regulatory compliance, remote troubleshooting and locationing services.

Security and Compliance
Maximizing the productivity of your wireless assets means maintaining the strongest security posture possible. AirDefense security and compliance suite works seamlessly across your wireless network to detect and neutralize rogue devices, enforce policies, prevent intrusion and ensure regulatory compliance. Automated tools for threat mitigation and policy enforcement give you the confidence of real-time response to risks and a more effective security posture.

Wireless Intrusion Prevention Security (Wireless IPS) Module
By analyzing existing and day-zero threats in real-time against historical data, the AirDefense Wireless IPS module can accurately detect wireless vulnerabilities and unusual network activity. Context-aware detection, correlation and multi- dimensional detection engines mean minimal false positive alarms. An extensive threat library and customizable policy settings let the system respond automatically to more than 200 wireless threats, reducing the chances of damage to your network.

Wireless Vulnerability Assessment Module
The AirDefense Wireless Vulnerability Assessment module uses an industry-first, patented technology to remotely test wireless security. It allows administrators to automatically log on to an access point and test for vulnerabilities from the perspective of a wireless hacker. Extreme sensors conduct wireless penetration testing, proactively identifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, so you can better manage threats and keep your systems secure.

Advanced Forensics Module for Security and Compliance
Wireless events tend to be transient by nature, making analysis of security and performance issues difficult. The AirDefense Advanced Forensics module captures a complete record of WLAN performance – 325 data points every minute for every identified wireless device – giving administrators the ability to rewind and analyze detailed records of wireless activity in support of forensics investigations or network performance troubleshooting.

Centralized Management Console Module
The AirDefense Centralized Management Console (CMC) module provides administrators and IT staff a single holistic view into the wireless network. For large scale deployments which require thousands of sensors and/or tens of thousands of managed devices, the CMC provides aggregated views of the data on multiple appliances and a single point for configuration changes. CMC streamlines the monitoring of security events, automates management, and speeds time-to-resolution of network issues, thereby improving productivity.

Network Assurance

The AirDefense Network Assurance suite gives you a real-time view of all WLAN traffic, enabling IT administrators to quickly identify and respond to issues and misconfigurations, proactively monitor the network’s availability, and remotely troubleshoot RF problems. With both real-time and historical tools, appropriate diagnosis and correction is faster and less costly and the need to travel onsite to troubleshoot wireless network issues is practically eliminated.

Client Troubleshooting Module
The AirDefense Client Troubleshooting module lets tier one help desk personnel with limited wireless networking expertise easily identify the exact connectivity problem, so they can resolve it or escalate it as appropriate. The module’s sophisticated analysis engine will quickly identify device level problems, wireless network health and availability, wireless network or client configuration and wired network connectivity issues.

Access Point (AP) Testing Module
The AirDefense Access Point Testing module lets you proactively identify problems with wireless applications by periodically performing end-to-end network testing. Our unique technology uses Extreme access points to emulate wireless clients. Connection testing can then be run automatically to proactively detect network problems or on-demand for real-time troubleshooting. Designated team members are automatically alerted to ensure appropriate escalation and timely remediation.

Spectrum Analysis Module
The AirDefense Spectrum Analysis module uses your Extreme WLAN infrastructure (dedicated sensors or access points) to troubleshoot interference problems without dispatching a technician to the physical location. The AirDefense Spectrum Analysis module is a software-only solution that allows you to view the physical layer of your wireless network – without specialized hardware – so you can cost-effectively identify, classify and resolve interference issues that limit the productivity of your WLAN.

Advanced Forensics Module
The AirDefense Advanced Forensics module provides administrators the ability to rewind and review detailed records of wireless activity. It allows organizations to view events months later to improve network security posture, assist in forensic investigations and ensure policy compliance.

LiveRF Module
The AirDefense LiveRF module performs sophisticated RF propagation analysis – taking into account the radio characteristics of your real environment such as objects, walls, floors and ceilings – to let you identify coverage and capacity issues within your network. With our unique side-by-side comparative analysis and rewindable RF visualization, you can look “back in time” at past conditions to

Presence Services

  • Detect customers on premises
  • Support rules-based push – welcome, coupons, specials

Locationing (RTLS) Services

  • Define zones to detect customers in specific areas
  • Drive promotions and increase per-customer revenue

Historic Location Analysis

  • Track single/multiple device location and path over time
  • Quantify value of shelf space based on location in store
  • Identify customer flow and congestion

Wi-Fi Analytics

  • Track detailed statistics about customer activity (per-store visit time, repeat customers, total customers in store, demographic profiles)
  • Enable manager to better understand customers

A secure network environment is critical to your business. So is the flexibility to adapt to the changing demands of your customers and employees. The AirDefense Services Platform gives you the control and intelligence you need to rollout new applications and services to empower and engage your users, without risking exposure of sensitive information. Two delivery options are available – premise-based and a cloud-based delivery option which gives you even more flexibility for quick deployment, easy budgeting and minimal upfront cost.

You want to focus resources on running your business, not on running your network. So we simplified network administration by creating a single graphical user interface and central management console, for a holistic view and easier control of your wireless network performance.

Your organization is unique and so are your business needs.
The Extreme AirDefense Services platform is modular and functionality can be accessed from either a dedicated server
on your premises or from Extreme’s WLAN Cloud Services infrastructure, and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Security and Compliance, Network Assurance, Infrastructure Management, and Proximity Awareness and Analytics are seamlessly integrated to give you a single powerful tool for maximizing your wireless network productivity.

Vendor Agnostic
Multi-vendor, multi-technology networks are common in today’s wireless infrastructure environments. The AirDefense Services Platform is designed to support any 802.11/a/b/g/n with 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac wireless LAN deployment, so you can keep capital costs down and reliability up.

System Requirements For Premise-Based Solutions

A server appliance is required to run the AirDefense Services Platform and all AirDefense modules. (Cloud solution does not require a server.)

Contact your Extreme Networks representative for more information on server options.

AirDefense Services Platform
Security and Compliance Network Assurance Proximity Awareness and Analytics
Wireless IPS

Wireless Vulnerability Assessment

Advanced Forensics

Management Console
Client Troubleshooting

AP Testing

Spectrum Analysis

Advanced Forensics

Presence Locationing

Historic Location Analysis

Wi-Fi Analytics

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