Arista 7800R3 Series Universal Spine and Cloud Networks

Designed for the next generation of large scale virtualized and cloud networks the Arista 7800R3 Series modular switches are the 3rd generation of the R-Series universal spine switches. They combine 400G and 100G density with internet scale table sizes and comprehensive L2 and L3 features. Advanced EOS features for network monitoring, precision timing, VXLAN network virtualization and EVPN are combined with extensive hardware resources with a wide choice of systems and line cards to support lasting investment protection.

The 7800R Series enable highly scalable network designs with Segment Routing, MLAG, ECMP, EVPN and VXLAN technologies.
The Arista 7800R Series FlexRoute™ engine and EOS NetDB provides the scalability to support Internet IP routing scale with the low power consumption and fast convergence while scaling to millions of routes.
Arista Algorithmic ACLs enable flexible high scale access controls with expanded pattern matching, combined with sFlow sampling of all interfaces at the full forwarding capacity while providing additional capabilities for filtering.


7800R Architecture Advantages:

  • Investment protection - proven R Series with line card forward compatibility

  • Consistent 7800R3 Series architecture ensures seamless migration

  • Distributed packet processor scales forwarding capacity linearly

  • FlexRoute™ for Internet route table scale with low power draw

  • Flexible pipeline for programmable features including Algorithmic ACLs and Inband Network Telemetry

  • System wide health monitoring

  • High Bandwidth Intelligent and dynamic deep buffers for the most demanding traffic scenarios

  • Virtual Output Queues avoid head of line blocking

  • Cell based fabric with redundancy for 100% efficiency and consistent low latency and jitter

  • Optimized multicast forwarding

  • Comprehensive traffic counters with up to 16 classifications for real-time network monitoring and troubleshooting

  • QOS Fabric fairness - no hot-spots with mirroring enhancements

High Performance Universal Spine

  • Non-blocking 460Tbps of system capacity

  • High density 10/25/40/50/100/400G Ethernet

  • Scalable to 576 wire speed 400G ports

  • Ultra deep buffers up to 24GB per line card

  • Class leading latency of 3.5usec

  • 14.4Tbps of fabric capacity per line card

  • Virtual Output Queues per port and CoS to eliminate head of line blocking

Arista EOS

  • Single binary image

  • Fine-grained truly modular network OS

  • Scalable control plane for internet peering

  • Extensible platform - bash, python, C++ , GO, OpenConfig

  • Resilient self-healing software

  • Rich Streaming Telemetry solutions

  • Over 10 Years of EOS innovations and experience with the R-Series Architecture


    Scalable Cloud and Service Provider Designs​​

  • Comprehensive switching and routing feature set with rapid convergence

  • Segment Routing and EVPN Services for IX Providers and Cloud WAN

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Overlay and Underlay support

  • Internet scale IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding tables up to 2.5M routes

  • Large scale IPv4 / IPv6, ACLs, and QoS with flexible profiles

  • Up to 48Bpps of wire speed forwarding

  • CloudVision® provisioning and automation

  • VXLAN and 256-way multi-pathing for next generation DC

  • LANZ for microburst detection

  • Accelerated sFlow for high capacity network security and application monitoring

  • Inband Network Telemetry for flow and packet forensics at scale

  • CloudVision for Workflow Automation and Orchestration